We welcome you to our company website, Finance and Accounting Consulting S.A, which is based in Thessaloniki, Greece!

Our company provides integrated, specialized tax-preparing, accounting and taxing services, especially to companies which operate at cross-border level, of any kind regardless of size or sector, as well as to persons.

The development of an internal, free market in the European Union combined with the eradication and integration of a number of legal and bureaucratic obstacles have contributed to the expansion of business activity within the Eurozone and the set-up of businesses in various countries in the European Union.

However, the development of a uniform taxing domain within the E.U. and the harmonization of national taxing legislations still remains an ambitious goal. Consequently, businesses and persons operating at cross-border level face different national taxing systems and legislations.

Directness and Liability

image_3“Trust flow is preferable to cash flow”
-James Madison

Finance and Accounting Consulting S.A contributes as a reliable, experienced and responsible partner with the broader tax-preparing and consulting support of its clients, providing them with integrated solutions and recommendations which are always specialized to serve the customers’ business goals in any given business operation.

The arrangement and monitoring of our services is secured with a fully organized internal accounting office and the existence of the necessary departments so that daily customer needs and demands are immediately and responsibly met by our specialized partners.